HG RX-93-V2 Hi-VGundam

I was two-mind about getting this kit. I really like a RX-93 V Gundam, but at the original HG kit is really old and has poor details.

This kit however is basically a modernised version of the V Gundam, but I really dislike the colour scheme.

I bought this kit from www.travellingman.com. They are a friendly bunch and I am pleasantly surprised that they sell gunpla kits in a medieval city but it does make lunch time walk more interesting.

I did struggled with the box art colours, not sure why (it is just personal; don’t think purple is a Gundam colour).

Saying that, I can change the colour since I am painting it. I have decided to go for a light grey and greyish blue scheme. RX-78-3 anyone?

The parts separation are great, the parts are moulded in different runners to allow you to assemble as close to the box art as possible.

Details to the funnels and gas tanks are great. I really enjoyed building this kit.

Would I recommend this kit?

Yes, although I was not fully pleased with the design, the funnels are fiddly to pose, it takes up quite a lot of room on the shelf, but these are just purely personal reasons.

The parts separation is great, it gives you lots of colour customisation options.

I would love to paint this in a different colour scheme but I struggled to find any inspiration online hence it will stay as it is.