HG RX-O Unicorn Gundam ( Unicorn Mode)

I was skeptical with this design and have not paid much attention to the anime.

When I realised it can actually “transformed” into the V fin Gundam which we are so accustomed to I was more put off by the boxy one coloured design.

I bought this kit from www.travellingman.com. They are a friendly bunch and I am pleasantly surprised that they sell gunpla kits in a medieval city but it does make lunch time walk more interesting.

Anyway, it is lockdown and I thought if I am to do a Unicorn Gundam which would I choose?

To be honest, I went for the “Lesser of 2 evils” and bought the Unicorn version instead.

WHY? WHY? It is all white! I hate painting white!

I don’t seem to have much luck in getting white to spray consistently well.

The colour is so unforgiving and it often highlights the imperfection and builder errors.

I tried to use a few different shades of whites to focus on the different parts but in the end it all blended into one white gaint!

The completed kit does not really inspire me with any action pose. It just look good standing on it own without any weapons or shield.

It slightly reminds me of an actual white giant standing over Tokyo (might be a diorama idea).

But nonethless, it is what it is, a white unicorn standing on its own not knowing what to do just like side pilot.

I didn’t bother installing the beam sabres hilt as well because it will block the silver highlights in the backpack.

Would I recommend this kit?

All I can say is that I don’t dislike it because it is different from other design. At least I can say I have a “white giant” to pay tribute to the Zeon pilot who saw the first gundam.

To be honest, it is not a terrible kit, the moulding is modern and easy to put together. There are good parts separation even for a completely white built.

This kit does not come with a beam rifle, but with only a bazooka, a shield and beam sabres. I can’t say it is a disappointment, because I knew that when I bought it.