Bandai 1/144 HG MS-14JG Gelgoog Jäger

I had this Bandai 1/144 HG MS-14JG Gelgoog Jäger for quite a while and I just realise that I had not written a blog about it. I think one of the main reason is because I didn’t actually quite like what I did with this kit. To be fair, the design is great but because it is a relatively old Bandai kit, the seam lines are very visible in many places. Yes, I could have hidden and cement in the seam lines but at that time I think I was already slightly disappointed with the kit hence I was planning to put in too much effort.

But I guess that is one of the reason why it was a eye candy for me. Nonetheless, I do like the unique Gelgoog shape and the big beam machine/sniper rifle that comes with the kit. Saying that, this kit comes with nothing else, no shield, maybe some beam sabers.

Beside lacking in wepaons and accessories, the kit is also suffers from surfaces details, but I guess it is not unexpected from an old kit which it is in the same eara of “War in the Pocket” but I can’t remember which scene it was in. Hence I used my Alex as a side by side comparsion.
Everyone who watched “War in the Pocket” will remember the famous Kampfer!
And of course my all time favourite Zaku 2 FZ still ironically finished the work which the more advanced Kampfer was designed for.

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