Bandai 1/72 Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter

Mine Bandai 1/72 Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter, this was built before I re-started doing Gunpla again. The main reason is because it is easier to get Japanese branded Sci-Fi kits such as Star Wars instead of Gunpla in the High Street in UK; I guess the chances of people buying a Star Wars kit is higher in a traditional Scale Model/Hobby Shop in UK.
There are several other competing brands that make Star Wars kits but they have weird scaling and not as detailed as a Japanese manufacture. I grew up knowing Bandai and hence I trust Bandai’s effort in making something good.
The details of the Y-Wing is great, there are several pipes mould individually; it also comes with an instruction manual that shows you the actual model they have followed to make this a screen accurate. To be honest, I don’t really care much of screen accuracy. But I do care that when I put this together, it should look great and fantasy realistic.
I changed the colour scheme of the Y-Wing slightly, mainly along the exposed body, I gave it a mechanical dark iron to help brings out the gold and copper pipework. I gave the Y-Wing a slightly stronger yellow to help give it a bit more contrast to the dark tone.
The shading are all done using air brush using the pre-shading; these are the days before I started at serious with my models and panel lining.
Yes, I don’t just do Gunpla, I have done quite a few scaled models mainly WW2 planes and some modern jets and Helicopters. I hope I will slowly start blogging about them especially I have started to slow down a bit on my build process and a dwindling Gunpla backlog.
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