Bandai SD/CS MSN-04II Nightingale

One of the main reasons I got into the SD/CS series is because Bandai has released a MSN-04II Nightingale. I know Bandai has also released a RE1/100 version and I am never too keen on a 1/100 scale model as it takes too long and take up too much space on the shelf. Shelf space is premium in our house now days!

I bought this kit with the Cross Silhouette add-on to allow me to make a slightly less deformed version of the Nightingale. This kit is although none scaled, it is still quite a huge kit; the shoulders and tail sections are already almost similar height to an EG RX-78 Gundam. Parts separation are not too shabby for a “Fun” kit, but I wish the vernier thrusters are moulded in separate parts so that I can paint it in different colours (masking is possible as well but has a curved and raised edges thus it is not easy to get a clean separation).

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As usual I pre-shade my painting scheme, but I tried to do something different this time; I was hoping to give it a more “organic” look, like a mechanical crab with lots of blemishes and spots. This will also help to break up the majority red scheme and give it interesting surfaces textures.

As said this kit is huge, and when compared side to side with a SD/CS RX-78 Gundam, the Gundam looks inferior in all aspects.
The completed Nightingale also looks bigger and wider when compared to the EG RX-78 Gundam. If Build Divers are a real thing, I will be using my Nightingale!
I really enjoyed putting this kit together. The colours pop, especially the bright orange thrusters bells, and the golden funnels.

Slight disappointment is that the insignia crest on the chest and shield comes as stickers, which I have not used. I could have hand painted the chest crest in but I am not good with hand painting and hence decided against it.

Otherwise the shelf presence of this kit is great and it is easily one of my favourite build so far this year. If you do like my work, please consider supporting this blog by visiting my previous project to keep this blog going, or you can also visit my shop and buy some gifts.
Bandai SD/CS MSN-04II Nightingale


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