About itisagunpla!

I just realised I have not really introduced myself. Friends called me “Fong” and I started my interest of building scaled models back in 1989 with a Tamiya 1/144 WW2 Mitsubishi Zero Fighter and progressing into my first Gunpla with Master Grade 1/100 Zaku 2 and Gundam Mk2.

After a 22 years hiatus, I restarted my gunpla hobby back in 2017 equipped with an air-spray and it wasn’t until May 2020 when I started to share my work on Facebook and blogging my projects.

After speaking to a friend “Wolf” from Wolf Photography over a pizza dinner, he helped and guided me through the procerss of setting up a Facebook Page for “itisagunpla” and linking it back to this site. Thus, this is where it all started…

I have 3 golden rules “No Fuss, Kit Bash, and Pre-shade

No-fuss; I just don’t have the patience and space, that said I am not into scribing, pla-plates, water-slides decals (only reserved when I need to bring in the “A” game!), photo-etching (when it is straight forward) etc.

Kit-Bash; I like to make something uniquely mine. With the “No-Fuss” rule, the kit-bash is usually swapping different weapons or limbs and lots of super-glue!

Pre-shape; I am not a clean and weathered builder but more of a in-between, hence I use pre-shade to help bring out shadows and edges to give the finished kit more visual depth. I like to featured my kit as “used “!

That said, thank you for visiting and please scroll down or look to your left for my completed projects! and if you do like to support my future works and this blog please donate using the “Tip Jar” if you can.

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