Bandai 1/144 HG MS-04 Bugu [Ramba Ral]

Bandai 1/144 HG MS-04 Bugu [Ramba Ral]

“This is no Zaku, Boy!!” and yes that is true to a sense as it does not have much of a Zaku likeness. That is the main reason why I really like this design. It is different and yet not too quirky. My plan is to customise this Bugu such that has that beta version look that inspired a Gouf. Or in a way I was inspired by post-apocalyptic “Mad Max” or “Fist of North Stars” biker gang helmet with shoulder spikes! Hence I will be am calling my kit-bashed Bugu “The BUtcher!” swinging a huge Buster sword. To lern more on my entry to ZakuAurelius Clean vs Weathered Competition 2021 please click on the photo above or the link here.

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