Lovely build by a talented Builder!

First commission of the year is completed! The client requested the FM Barbatos Lupus Rex with color choices similar to the metal build and sharpened claws to match. I rarely use metallic paint, so capturing a more gloss look for the inner frame was fun to try out. Additionally, extending the claws was an interesting challenge where I sanded down some spare runners to form the pointy claws reminiscent of the show. The result was truly menacing!

Building the FM kit did remind me of how good we have it with the MG Barbatos though. Since the FM kits reuse a lot of the inner frame parts, the armor doesn’t fit very tightly on the frame and in some cases causes big seamlines. Since the giant mace is impossible for the kit to hold up without the extra stand, I tried to tighten up the joints a bit to help…

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