HG RX-78 GP02A

This is another update of my previous blog on my GP02! Since then I have learnt a lot more on my workflow and I am starting to update my previous projects with better close up photos and side-by-side comparison to other similar kits.
GP02 is a big kit especially with chunky shield. To be honest, it is not best kit for articulation as there bacially “none” due to the hugh bell bottom legs and feet. This kit is basically for posing and you are quite limited to the type of poses you can do. With the magic of bluetac and try and error, I have held the bazooka and shield sufficiently in time for the photo.
I understand there is another version of this HG kit but with missiles attached to his backpack. That kit is possibly worht getting as you will have more plastic and options compared to the standard HG release, but you may need some luck looking for it.
Stardust Memories is possibly the anime that brought me back to Gundam series. Gerbera-Tetra (or GP04) and the GP02 are my favorite designs.
The classic stand-off between GP02 and GP01.
GP02 side-by-side with GP01FB. I would recommend getitng the RG version if you are interested in a 1/144 scale kit. HG is not bad, but this is dated and you need to spend a lot time to make it look right.
GP02 side-by-side with GP03. I don’t usually don’t have much of a negative thing to say about any kit but I was very disappointed with GP03s if you compared to the standard of the rest of his siblings. HG GP03 has terrible parts separation, articualtion and loose waist and a chunky side skirt that gets in the way of everything. If Bandai ever release a PG get that instead of the HG version.
GP02 side-by-side with Gerbera-Tetra. I love Gerbera-Tetra design and bandai actually release 2 different version of the kit, and I had both. The newer version is more of a “revive” version with a slightly different booster assembly, but otherwise it is basically similar.

2 thoughts on “HG RX-78 GP02A

  1. Like every kit before it, the RG RX-78 GP01FB was a very different assembly. One might think these gunpla kits start to feel the same after the d or d kit but every single one feels quite different and fascinating to see how they come together in their own way. The RG RX-78 GP01FB is also especially impressive because the Core Fighter is properly built as part of the chest piece. It s amazing how easily you can freely switch the Core Fighter in and out of the Gundam body!

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    1. Yes mate! the RG has a lot more complex side to it, I have the HG version which is a lot simpler but it has a good shape and a nice core fighter as well which is a bonus! I was just disappointed that the GP03 is not as well designed and made when compared to the other GP in the same series.


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