Bandai 1/144 HG Gundam Jiyan Altron

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I didn’t really watched Wing Gundam anime when growing up because it is quite a long series and I was at an age where I wasn’t interested in kiddy cartoons anyore. Thus I only have very patchy memories of the characters and mobile suits in this series. Which is why I wasn’t aware that the HGBF Jiyan Altron was actually based on the Altron from Endless Waltz and it was an upgrade from the original Shenlong or Nataku.
But what I like about the Build Fighters kit is that they are a customised version of the original design, sometimes the moulding has improved with better details and modernised joints. Unfortunately this kit does not comes with the original beam trident so I have to replaced it with a SD/CS Barbatos’ mace (for the moment).
The kit is sticker heavy for the tiger head, I can'[t be bothers to mask and paint in all the stripes, to be fair it doesn’t look half bad!
I remember watching Endless Waltz both the Alton and Wing Guhndam were having a major battle and although there wasn’t a clear winner, the Wing Zero was getting beaten up.
I actually quite enjoyed customising both this kits as they are uniquely my “take” on the Wing Gundam series.

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