Bandai 1/144 HG XXXG-01SR Sandrock

I wasn’t keen on the Wing Gundam anime when it first air in Japan. Hence I wasn’t interested in the original release of the 1/144 model kits. It is only when I recently watched Build Divers, I saw how they were able to customise the Wing Zero and the Altron I started to get some inspiration.
It is not until I realised Bandai have released the “revive”Sandrock. Maganac and Heavyarms and in 2021 Deathscythe, I started to get serious and planned to collect and build the Wing Gundam Suits.
I actually quite pleased with the design of Sandrock as I think it gives a Roman Centurion vibe, hence I coloured the fangs red since I have always remembered Roman Centurion Officers wear a red cape in the history books.
The Wind Gundam kits are usually a bit smaller in scale to the UC design, which you can see side by side with R-78 Origin.

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