Bandai 1/144 HG MS-05 Zaku 1

This is actually my 3rd Zaku 1! I found this on eBay built and thought I could use this as spare parts for my kit bash. But instead after creating my Thunderbolt Pyscho Zaku 2, I thought it would be nice to complete the story with a Thunderbolt Zaku 1 as well.
I have lots of spare Zeon type bazookas and a sniper rifle which would work well with this scheme. I used the legs missiles from my other Zaku 2 F2, which not great fit but a little bit of blue-tac on kit bash works wonder. In Thunderbolt, this Zaku 1 is seen to be carrying lots of weapons hence I was going for that look by overloading it. It does kind of look like a Santa’s Elf carrying all the presents.
Side by side with Rx-78 Origin. Not too much difference in height and size. I still prefer the engineered heavy industry use look of the Zaku 1.
My band of Zaku 1 brothers. The Blue Zaku 1 was inspried by Ramba Ral with a big galting gun just like his Gouf. The Red version was inpsired as Char’s refinded clean look as a calm tactician.
If you enjoy my work please feel free to browse my other other previous work to help keep this project going.

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