Bandai 1/144 HG UGY-R41 (Land) Man Rodi

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The Man Rodi kit was released by Bandai in 2015. Althought it is considered a recent kit but I struggle to find any in stock from my regular online seller shops. I saw it by chance on eBay for a decent price and went for it. Initially I wasn’t keen on the Man Rodi just because I did not like the design of its “space”legs. Hence when I saw the IBO Mobile Suit Option Set 9, I started to have some ideas.
I am warming up to the design especially the curves. I assume the Man Rodi was inspired by the Gusion which I have built previosuly and also the Gusion Rebake Full City.

Usually I would tend to customise my kits to make it uniquely mine. But in this case, after converting it to a Landman Rodi and repainting the colour change to suit the anime. I just thought by adding a shield which has almost similar surface details would make this suit looks more like a “Security Guard!”

The Rodi and the Gusion looks really similar which is no surprise as the Rodi is designed to act as a “Wingman” for the Gusion. With them side-by side the Gusion looks more like a big brother to the Rodi.

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