Bandai 1/100 MG RB-79 Mobile Pod Ball Ver. Ka

I bought the Mobile Pod Ball from eBay at a good price and had been sitting in my backlog for a while. Since it is close to Christmas time I was inspired to make do something that looks like a Christmas Tree Bauble and I thought the Pod Ball rather fits the part!

I can’t remember the last ime I built a MG scale model, it must be more than 20 years, just mainly because I prefer a simpler and more straight forward built from a HG scale. But this Pod Ball althought it is a MG scale it is relatively smaller in size. Also I was inspired to do an exposed Pod which looks like it is under repair or maintenance.

The MG kit has a lot more details than a normal HG kit. Parts separation are great and I am able to paint most of the mechanical parts with different colours without the need to use lots of masking. The details are nicely moulded in and allow me to hand paint some of the ball surface with metallic colours easily.

The MG Pod Ball although it is 1/100 scale, physcially it is not too much taller than my HG RX-78 Origin. It is only that tall because it is on a “work stand”.

I really enjoy putting this together. I love the exposed mechanical look and metallic finish. Bandai also provided a metal rod to be simulate a hydraulic piston for the arms and red wires for the control and power cables for the claws.

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