ChrisPabz gave me some friendly advice and critiques on his channel CritiQual Builds Season 2 Episode 11!

I have submitted my Bandai 1/144 HG MS-04 Bugu [Ramba Ral] into ZakuAurelius Clean vs Weathered Competition 2021. ChrisPabz is one of the judges of the competition and on his youtube channel he gave me some really positive constructive comments and also many things which I can improve on! Check it out on timestamp 16:31.

Take a look at his other videos and if you like send him your WIPs or build for him to review; check out his Instagram bio for the link to send in your photos and follow him!

Bandai 1/144 HG XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero

When I was much younger and without the internet I was so confused with all the different version of Wing Gundams; saying that Bandai didn’t really help by releasing several “non-scale” version of the Gundam Wings’ mobile suits. Those are actually quite nasty if you compared to todays’ standard. Hence that slightly put me off getting this Bandai 1/144 HG XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero since 2014, until I recently saw it on
One of the main reasons is because I don’t really wanted to splash out on a RG version and I wanted to complete my Wing Gundam “Band of Brothers.” As you know I do like to customise my kits and hence my Wings Gundams are slightly not OOB designs. From the left we have Heavyarms, Wing Zero (Fenice), Sandrock, Wing Zero, and Altron.

I have seen many fantastic designs from other modellers online, and many of them took the kit to a new level which I don’t think I will get there in a weeks’ time. So I thought I might as well do something different by combining the wings of the Endless Waltz version to my Wing Zero; to make my own 4 Wings Gundam!

Before doing Gunpla seriously, I tend to do a lot of scale models and sometimes harsh panel lining are not appropriate hence I used pre-shading to help bring out the details and parts separations. In this case, the Wings are majority white hence it is crucial to help lift the details up by giving it a high contrast between black and white. To help tone down the pre-shade it is best to coat the parts with several layers of paint one at a time; for the wings I used 3 layers of white.

The part separation of this kit is adequate, what I don’t like is the skirt armour and the ankle armour. I know in the anime it is mainly white and hence Bandai just moulded it as a single piece, but I love to give each parts its own colours to help bring out the details so I have to do lots of masking to achieve the parts separation I need.

I love painting the thruster bells, I tend to use double sided tape and give it a black coat to help bring out the shine on the silver layer. The silver is to give a metallic shine to the red inside of the thruster bells. Once dried, reversed the thruster bells are sprayed the outside; this will give a nice interesting contrast to the thruster bells and help make it stand out.

I am impressed with the kit, but be warned it is not all great news. The shoulder flaps are on a hinge, and because of paint, the hinge is kind of stuck and hence my shoulders are shown open which I kind of wanted to but would be nice to be able to close them.

The other issue I had is that the leg joints are actually quite loose, hence I have to prop the Wing Zero on a stand for a hovering pose as the leg will drop off easily.

The eagle eye among you will notice that one of my wings are missing in some of the photos, that is because in the nature of kitbash, things do tends to break and super glue is your best friend.

This is a side by side with my Wing Gundam (Fenice), I bought the Fenice because I like the damaged design of the kit, as it kind of reminds me of the original Wing Gundam been self-destructed and kind of try to be put back together. But as you can see both design are although similar in principle but very different in parts design.

I am overall really please that I bought this kit, even though there are some horror stories during the build process mainly because I really dislike painting in white especially it is very difficult to touch up if there are any errors. But the assembled kit and the colour separation make this kit looks good. To be honest it is not near the quality of some of the other artists but I enjoy what I did with my own kit.

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Bandai 1/144 HG RGC-83 GM Cannon II

This is my Bandai 1/144 HG RGC-83 GM Cannon 2. This is an OOB build with no attempt to kitbash and customise; mainly because I am not sure what else is needed to make a “prefect” kit better. It is strange the after watching “0083 Stardust Memories”, I am not actually interested in the GP01, GP01FB, GP02, and GP03, those to me are just “meh!” it is not that I dislike the Gundams but the mobile suits design that had me excited are Gerbera-Tetra, Titians’ Quel, GM Cannon 2 and the Federation F2 Zaku 2.
To be honest, “Stardust Memories” on its own has helped renew my interest in the Gunpla hobby. I have collected almost all the mobile suit design from the series, and this this kits are barely modified OOB.
This Cannon 2 I would assume is the upgraded version of the original Guncannon, it features the similar double long range cannon backpack and it is fires from the shoulder of the mobile suit. In the Anime, the Cannon 2 is a supporting partner to the GP01 when they are trying to recover GP02.
Compared to the other mobile suit, the Cannon 2 looks “fatter” because it is equipped with Chobham Armour which is inspired from RX-78NT-1 Gundam “Alex”. I could imagine that it will look similar to the Quel (which is re-painted to look like a Custom GM) when the armour is taken off.

As said, I believe Cannon 2 is an upgraded version of the Guncannon, and you can see although they do not have much of a similarly, but in principal both mobile suits have similar features.

This is a side to side comparison to other “grunt” mobile suits from the anime. From the left is one of my favourite Zaku 2 variant, and the right is my GM Type C.

The articulation of this suit is typical of a HG, I am not saying it will do splits and some “Kung Fu” poses, but as a long range support, I think I am quite happy with the pose I have set. Parts separation for painting is actually not too bad; I am able to achieve the colour scheme I intended without the need of much masking.

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Bandai 1/144 HG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Destory Mode]

This is my Bandai 1/144 HG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Destory Mode]; I have already blogged about this project here. This is now my attempt to update this project with better photos to give it justice as it is one of my favourite build in 2020.
I did not customise this kit much at all because I can’t think of any ideas. There is a saying you can improve on prerfection, and I think this is one of this kit that I just want to build it the way it is. I did give it a slightly more metallic blue accent because I just prefer to give it a bit more contrast over a whole white base.
I also gave it more weapons and shield from my Unicorn [Normal Mode]. This just helps to justify the “Destory Mode” title!

I had not have the chance to get a Full Frontal Sinanju so I have no choice to use a Stein.

This is just a side-by-side comparison to my EG RX-78 Grand-Daddy. You can see the technology have improved on the Gundam line since RX-78 rolled out.

This is a comparison to the Unicorn Normal Mode.

This is a comparison to some other mobile suits that appeared in the in the Anime. The left is my Delta Plus customised to look like a MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki, and to the right is my Jesta which was painted in Jegan Green.

Bandai 1/144 HG RX-79BD-2 Blue Destiny Unit 2 [RX-78-6 Mudrock Custom]

The Bandai 1/144 HG RX-79BD-2 Blue Destiny Unit 2 is not my first Blue Destiny kit, I actually already owned 2 but saw this on and decided to purchase it as a custom unit. I knew that Bandai actually updated their mould for the Blue Destiny and my previous 2 models are the improved version; this kit I just bought sadly isn’t.

This Bandai 1/144 HG RX-79BD-2 Blue Destiny Unit 2 is released in 2007, although it has some good parts separation mainly around the legs. I am slightly disappointed with the torso. The latest version has the vents and waist cannons moulded in separated pieces for easy painting but this is moulded with the intention of using stickers and masking. The skirt armour is also mould as a single piece which I have to mask to get the colour separation I am aiming for. In the end, I drilled out that waist cannons and repurpose the beam sabres to provide the part separation.

I am not keen on making another Blue Destiny kit, and I was inspired by the latest PBandai Mudrock. The Mudrock is the 6 variant of the RX-78 design; it is modified to improve on the original design by giving it more long range fire power. I thought the Blue Destiny unit is a good start because the chest itself is already equipped with several ballistic weapons. Thus, my kitbash included a head unit from a Ground Gundam, Beam Cannons from Ground Gundams, Heavy Beam Rifle from Gun Cannon, Heavy Shield from Alex NT-1, and Hand Gatling Pods from Powered Arms Powereder Weapons Pack from Build Divers.

The double Beam Cannon made this Gundam very back heavy and thus I am not able to get it to stand on its own; luckily I have a few spare stands to use.

I am not too keen on the original lemony yellow accent of the Mudrock but after playing with some colours, the Teal blue and off white base colours actually worked quite well together. Don’t look too closely on this kit, the details and panel lines are not deeply cut in early 2000 hence there are lots of searing from panel lining, I tried to clean up as best as I could, but I am not patience enough. Also my masking isn’t really up to scratch, there are several places with the paint bleeding and I have to touch up using hand brushing.

Saying that, once I completed everything and assembled everything together, I am really surprise how well the colour combination turned out. The kit looks mecha handsome with its edgy corner, the huge weapons and shield gave it a battle ready look. Both my Mudrock Custom and EG RX-78-2 look like they are ready to be deployed.
This is my Mudrock Custom standing next to the mine other improved moulding of the Blue Destiny. Although you may not seeing the parts separation, but you can clearly see the vents and waist cannons on the previous units looks sharper and more defined. There are not much difference in terms of design between the newer moulding and the old, but I can see that the Mudrock as a slightly slimmer leg tight compared to the new models. This makes the new models having a slightly stubby look.

I gave my Mudrock Custom the number “06” because it is the 6th variant of the RX-78, I also used some red triangles to help give it a more closer representation to the actual Mudrock. Deep down, I know I had made a lot of mistake painting this, but I actually do like the colour, the customised weapons and look. This unique colour kind of refreshes and stood out on the shelf of my other entire similar colour Gundam. This is also a trash kit of the year for me but I am glad I finished it.

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Bandai 1/144 HG RGM-79C GM Type C

This is another attempt to update my older blogs with better photos. Bandai 1/144 HG RGM-79C GM Type C is one of my favourite GM to be fair the anime Stardust Memories came out with several designs that are quite high up on my list of favourites. This is also an anime where I believe more engineering thoughts are put into the mechas’ drawings and design.

I am usually into kitbashing and modify mine kit to give it a personal spin, but I struggle to come up with a better idea other than to paint this to how I remembered it when I was much younger watching the anime. I also gave it a beam rifle from my Hazel.

This Type C GM has become the run off the mill at the later end of the One Year War, I have to say this is a much better looking mecha than the original Red and White cannon fodder GM.
This Type C GM has become the run off the mill at the later end of the One Year War, I have to say this is a much better looking mecha than the original Red and When you compared it to the EG RX-78 Gundam, you can see that the GM Type C has a slightly bulkier design, I would love to say that this Type C is an improved version but sadly no.

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Bandai 1/144 HG XXXG-01H Gundam Heavyarms

This is the latest “Revive” version of Bandai 1/144 HG XXXG-01H Gundam Heavyarms; if you are ever lucky enough to grow up assembling one of the love & hate anime to plastic toys to help expand an plastic toy empire yes it will be the Gundam Wing Series and if I am not wrong the other most “milked” series in Bandai history. I am not saying the plastic quality are bad, it is actually very good when I was a kid, also if you want a double Gatling Guns for kitbash you will have no choice to get the original 1/144 Heavyarms Custom from Endless Waltz.
I am fortunate enough to get my hands on a pre-order kit from, they are a UK based online shop that has been my main supplier of kits since lockdown from March 2020. Please check them out if you are looking for kits, but be warned they do sell out very quickly.

To be honest, I have not been Heavyarms greatest fan, being an engineer and army I just do not believe in chest Vulcans or a heavy Gatling Gun as a hand (it makes it so imbalance…part of the Gundam lore); I mean it is a cool gimmick when I was a kid but I think it just takes the sci-fi fantasy one step too much for me. Ok ok! Mine quadruple Gatling guns are a bit over the top but I am just “compensating” and trying to help the pilot to shift the weight balance of the machine for efficient manoeuvrability

The other gripe I have with Heavyarms is the White/Orange colour which just for me do not match with the heavy gun blazing machine; I think the series did tried to fix it by giving it a new colour in Endless Waltz by changing it to White/Blue but it is still a bit of a half arse fix because the colour don’t even match the personality of the pilot.

Nonetheless, this is Gunpla and I am able to change out the colour to whatever I want. Thus, one of the reasons why it took me a while to get this kit started is because I can’t make up my mind about which colour scheme to go for BUT if you really want to know, I blame Covid for delaying the postal service from overseas (I think Brexit played a part too).

I finally went for a Cheddar Cheese colour which is based on Beam Master and Baster Master from the Build Divers Series. The Beam Master and Blast Master design is based around a long range support unit with lots of weapons. Hence I thought since my custom Heavyarms will be kitted out with lots of guns I thought it will be great to give it an Orange based colour and take up a support role for the other Wing Gundams.

While building this, I come to realise that the kit quality and assembly design has really come a long way since. The parts separation for colours and painting is actually really good; even if the parts are not separated they have relatively sharp corners to allow easy masking. Thus, I am really able to mix if lots of different colour combination on a HG kit.

Articulation is not bad as well, but because I have overloaded my Heavyarms the legs tend to separate on its own after a while, hence I have to put it on a stand; or some people will strength the hip joint with dry glue.

Slowly and surely, my customised Wing Gundam Team is coming along well, Bandai did recently announced that the HG Deathscythe will be released later in 2021. In a way I do like to customised my kits and I like them to be uniquely different from others, hence each of my Wing Team members have quirky kitbash to showcase its own individuality. From the left it is mine Altron, Heavyarms, Wing Zero and Sandrock.
In the anime, Heavyarms and Sandrock pilot came to work together in their own strange ways and hence I thought it will be good to at least pay a tribute to their friendship with a Maganac.
And finally it is fair to give a shout out to the Leo which is the receiving end of all the bullets Heavyarms spewed out throughout the anime. Oh Poor Leo!
And as part of a tradition of this blog I would do a side to side comparison of a common HG kit as a benchmark of size and design. I used to use a HG RX-78-2 Origin, but I think the EG RX-78-2 is a more common kit now days which most people starting out will probably had come across or build one.

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Bandai 1/144 HG HWS & SV Custom Weapon Set

Bandai recently released another iteration of OO Sky with a backpack weapon set since I already have a OO Sky I just don’t need another similar version. But it happenes that has this kit in stock and just thought why not and bought a set off them to upgrade my own OO Sky.
The weapon set came with 2 different backpack option sets for the OO Sky and AGE2 Magnum, but since I do not have a AGE2 Magnum, I do have a OO Diver. The AGE2 weapon set does look like a GN drive so I thought it will fit nicely on my OO Diver.

The weapon set is relatively simple and I have to say parts separation could have been better. Details are not bad but luckily most of the parts have good edges for masking. Yes lots of masking to make it look at least half decent.

Both the weapon packs looks good on both OO Sky and OO Diver. The OO Sky has become slightly back heavy and it falls over a lot easier. Good thing the weapon set comes with a stand and I will be posing the OO Sky with the stand going forward. Even so, I think it is a great upgrade. It gave my OO Sky and OO Diver a fresh look!
I really like the weapon set, it makes the OO Sky looks a lot more ready for battle! I prefer my custom colour scheme as well, it looks more adept and fitting on my OO Sky as compared to the original teal green colour..

Even though the weapon pack does not belongs to the OO Diver, I think it gives the OO Diver more bulk and battle ready look.

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Bandai 1/144 HG “Pinkinstein” (Kit-Bash Vidar + Kamaris + Astaroth + Gusion Rebake)

I started this as a “frankenstein” experiment to see if I am able to kit bash a box of spares and unwanted High Grade kit from Ebay. Bandai Iron Blood Orphans kits are actually quite easy to work with especially most of the kits shares the same “inner frame”. This blog post is just basically to update my previous Pinkinstein with new photos and a short video. Please take a look at my other projects to support this website and my work.

Bandai 1/144 HG MS-14F ‘Gelgoog Marine’ (Red Comet Custom)

The Bandai 1/144 HG MS-14F ‘Gelgoog Marine’ is released in 2000, I am lucky enough to find a ‘reprint’ with a blue Bandai badge at Galactictoys on ebay. This kit is not easy to find but this is one of the better Gelgoog variants ever release in HG scale.

I always wanted to do Char’s Red Comet Gelgoog, but the original design is although similar in shape but is lacking in details. This variant is from the Stardust Memories series and has some good details and some adequate articulations. The kit is somewhat sparse as it only comes with a small Zaku machine gun, 2 light effect beam sword and a modified Zaku shield with spikes. I have to make my own beam rifle that look like what Char had used when he had the Gelgoog, also I have to superglue the hilt of the beam swords together to make it look like the twin beam sword.

I appreciate that the eagle eyed people will notice that my Gelgoog do not have an commander fin which Char’s Gelgoog has. To be honest, this kit do not come with an option for a commander head unit, and I am kind of glad that it didn’t because I already have a few HG Gelgoog and they all have a commander fin, so I really do not need another “Commander” unit. I am always hoping to build a original Gelgoog with it menacing huge shoulders and clean smooth racoon lokking head.

One of the reason why I had not built a Red Comet version of the Gelgoog is because it is quite difficult to get the Salmon pink colour and dark red torso colour correct. I have been experimenting with colour mixing and it is only unitl now I have some confidence of getting the colour almost correct. This kit also has some nasty seam lines running down the middle of most parts such as arms, legs, tights, I have to ‘cement’ them together and sand off the seam lines using my sanding sponges from DSPIAE. The sanding sponges are great for this kit because Gelgoog has rounded surfaces. I bought mine from

I am hoping one day I will be able to build Red Comet Zaku 2 to accompany my Char’s Zaku 1 and Gelgoog. Saying that I already owned lots of Zaku 2, thus I am actually trying to get a Zaku 2 F2 instead and repainted it in Char’s red. The F2 has a different shaped chest which is unique from the normal Zaku 2 design, hence I am hoping it will make my Red Comet Zaku 2 special!

This kit also do not come with any decals which is not a surprise, so I used some of the decals that from my RG Zaku 2 to help bring out some of the edges of my Gelgoog.

The MS-14F Gelgoog is baiscally similar to the MS-14Fs Cima Custom Gelgoog. If you have a choice to buy either one of them, I would say go for the Cima’s variant because you will get more plastic for your money. Cima comes with a shield, beam machine gun, more details, and more fuel tanks etc. You can see that the Cima version has a different chest design which is a lot more edgy compared to the normal design.
Another interesting variant is the Bandai 1/44 HG MS-14JG Gelgoog Jager (on the left of the photo). ZakuAurelius from Youtube has recently uploaded a video on this variant. please take a look at his videos; I really enjoy his insight into the kits and I tend to watch his videos before buying a kit. One of the main reason I bought the Jager is becaue it looks different from normal Gelgoog design and I was tempted by the big beam machine gun; basically it shares similar parts of the Marine but if you have a chance the Cima’s variant is still the best out of these 3. Looking at the photo, I am quite surprise that my Red Comet custom actually looks a lot more commander vide even though they are all the ‘same’.
Details on the Jager is slightly lacking but it is better than my MS-14F (Red Comet), Cima has the best details. I also did not use the fuel tanks that comes with the Gelgoog Marine and kit bashed with thrusters bells instead . I am aiming for a quick reactive variant just like and a cleaner profile.
And fianlly my side to side comparison to Char’s rival RX-78-2 Origin. The Gelgoog looks so much more beefier than the RX-78 and that is one of the reason why I prefer the Gelgoog over the Gundams when I am still a lad. If you do like my work please support this site by visiting my previous projects or leave a “Like” on my Youtube video and this blog.

Bandai 1/144 HG RX-121-2 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel 2]

Bandai 1/144 HG RX-121-2 Gudam TR-1 [Hazel 2] is released in 2006. It is a realtively old kit, but the sculpt is relatively mecha handsome and looks good in different angles. Since it is an old design the joints are basically plastic against polycaps; so don’t expect this kit to hold a pose for long if the joints are weighted down. I bought this kit from Galactictoys Ebay; bascially it is the same but I find that this is easier to manage as it sort out the custom and delivery as one purchase.

I always wanted a Titans’ colour mobile suit, but I struggle to get the colour correct because it is either a Titan’s blue in some box art or purplish in the anime. Thus I can never decide on what to do, also I already have a Gundam Mk2 in white hence I don’t really want another Mk2 just for a colour change. The Hazel 2 gave me a good compromise as it came with a RX-78 type head with different head camera options. Hence this Hazel is a Gundam Mk2 wannabe but with some modifications.

I am also inspired after watching Build Fighters anime where they used a modified Gundam Mk2 with a G-Defensor booster! It was quite difficult to get my hands on the Build Fighter Mk2 and I am not really keen on the head and chest design hence I thought this Hazel 2 will look great when customised with a Booster backpack instead. I also kit-bash my Hazel with GM3 backpack, head vulcan and beam machine gun from Jegan, Side skirt armour from GM Command. In order to get the booster to retro-fit securely to the GM3 backpack, I have to drill a 2mm hole to accept the peg from the booster; I could used super glue as well but I thought a hole and peg will give me more options in the future.

I love how it comes together despite the terrible seam lines. I tried to remove the seam lines with the least effort possible such as the tights and legs. It is basically glueing it together and wait for it to dry and sand it off using my new sponge sanding sticks by DEPIAE. I bought my from
My inspiration is to create a unique Gundam Mk2 look-alike and I think I did a pretty good job! The shoulder armour chest vents, add-on head vulcan, ad GM3 backpack does helps.
In reality, the Hazel is actually a Quel with a different head. I painted my Quel in GM Custom colours because I prefer the Quel simplistic design over than the GM Custom with it extra wider shoulders. The Quel have huge calf muscles and legs, it is good to know that the Titans do not skip legs days at the gym. As said although the Hazel is based on the Quel, the upper chest and back connector for the backpacks are different on the hazel but otherwise they are completely the same (apart from the head design).

I was quite please it is all assembled together. I had reservations on the Hazel 2 huge backpack and that is one of the reason why it had not bought this kit, but with the booster pack it looks like a total different machine. Also the dark purplish tint, this gundam stands out on the shelf with my other design and now I know why Titans called it the “Dark” Gundam.

This is a side-by-side comparision to my older Hazel which I have kit-bashed it with a Tristan backpack for the same reason I did not like the backpack the Hazel came with. I painted the Hazel in Gundam Thunderbolt colour since I was inspired that the Hazel is my working front line machine. Both kits are similar is some ways and shared similar parts but the Hazel Custom has different legs design which makes this another unique Gundam kit on my shelf.
This is my Hazel standing side-by-side with my RX-78 Origin for size comparision. Interestingly the Hazel looks a lot more beefy and “muscular” compared to the slim RX-78. Look at the calves muscles on the Hazel!
That said, I like this kit a lot and enjoyed looking at it but because I was too excited with the kit potential I rushed quite a bit in the painting process and kind of overshaded some parts and when masking I did not pay too much attention on how well the masking tape sticks down. I ended up with several paint bleeds and because the violet blue was a custom colour I wasn’t able to replicate the same tint hence it looks messed up at places.
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Bandai 1/144 HG RGM-79G GM Command

Bandai 1/144 HG RGM-79G ‘GM Command’ kit is released in 2004. This is a relatively old kit with limited joints movement, badly placed seam lines and use of polycaps as hinges. This kit although is old but the design and sculpt gives it a handsome mecha vide, to be honest this is one of the besy looking GM in HG lineup. Bandai has also released several different variant of this design such as the Space and Cold District. They are all very similar and the differences are the colours, weapons and backpacks.
I bought my kit from Galactictoys when they are still selling kits for less than USD 10! This has been in my backlog for a while, and I have saving this for a rainy day especially I already have the Space variant and I don’t really need another GM Command.

But after seeing Bandai releasing a PBandai version of the Pale Rider, I thought I should be be able to kit bash a Pale Rider out of my spares using the GM as the base unit. I ended up with an old Tristan’s legs and arms armour, Ez8’s shield, Old Ground GM’s side skirts, and Ground Gundam’s weapons. One of the main reason why I like this GM kit is because this is the one of few design where the mobile suit has 4 chest vents and the vents are part separated from the chest unit which means easy painting. This really helps especially the Pale Rider has a distinctive 4 white chest vents. Also not forgetting the head antenna and lots of super-glue!

The part separated chest vents is found on the GM variants and also on the more modern GM Sniper. I am not sure why Bandai did not extend this design to the Alex and Tristan as well.
As said, the GM ‘Comand Sapce’ and the ‘GM Command’ are basically the same kit but with different weapons and backpack and colours. I have recently modified my ‘Command Space’ with left over weapons from my ‘Beam Master‘. This makes my ‘Command Space’ also look like a ‘Stark Jegan’ look-alike. Saying that, the ‘Commad Space’ does looks tired and old and has a terrible paint job, but he is my first Gunpla after a 20 years hiatus; he is the true Grand-father of this blog.
I am actually very happy how this kit bash turns out. The the design makes my Custom ‘Pale Rider’ looks more like an Ace unit and almost look par next of the RX-78 Gundam.

Some of you eagle-eyed people may wonder why I used the decals from ‘Alex’ since it is not cannon and not even the same mobile suit. Basically I don’t have much of a backstory and since I have a bunch of decals left over from other kit bash, I just thought I might as well use some to make my ‘Pale Rider’ look more ‘legit’ and the ‘Alex’ font looks very attractive over the white shield. Come to think of it, the ‘Pale Rider’ comes equiped with a HADES system which is a improved version of the EXAM system thus my custom “ALEX” can be an “Autonomous Logic EXam” System! There you go, I have a backstory!

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Bandai 1/144 EG RX-78-2 Gundam

Bandai EG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam was aimed for begineers new to this gunpla hobby. The kit was relatively easy and the parts can be removed from the sprues without using a nippers. The parts separation were actually not bad and the “V”sign at the waist was actually moulded as a separate part and not a sticker! Surface details were not great or acutally none but you can’t expect a HG quality kit for kit that probably cost less than half a normal HG kit.

Because this was a competition submission, I thought I will spend a bit more time and love to prep the surface and sand off the seam lines. Well let’s just say I have good intentions and carry it as far as I could just like a Ball Pod going against a Zaku 2. Mind you if I am a New Type, I might has pulled it off, but I lost my momentum and gave up on decals.

This colour scheme was based on Full Armour Green RX-78-2 Gundam. I planned to submt somethig less common colour scheme as an entry to a painting competition organised by Otaku ME. I used camouflage green to help provide some patterns to the areas where it was missing details.
To be fair there are some details such as underneath the shield, the feets, the joints, beam rifle, backpack etc. Hence my aim was to bring out those details but painting them with different colours.
Overall, I am quite surprise how well this kit turns out even though there were areas where I could be more careful with the paint finish and not rush through the prep works. I learnt a lot from this process and I take my hat off to other modellers who has a lot more patience and professionalism in spending the time and days to get everything right.

Bandai 1/144 HG GSX-401FW Stargazer Gundam

The Stargazer Gundam, I bought it from Armourofgod in UK maninly because it has a different head design compared to other Gundams and it is a realtively cheap kit which includes a plastic stand and some green decorative rings. I have not watched the Gundam Seed anime series and hence I have no idea what is the history behind the big ring and the mobile suit background story.
But from a quick wiki serach and googling, I found out it is more of a exploration mobile suit instead of combat use. Which is like a Star Trek “Boldly goes where no Mobile suits has gone before” type story. Hence, I was quite keen on painting this in metallic steel or grey to pay tribute to Star Trek Starship type colours.
I always wanted to try Vallejo Clour Shift paints which can be air brushed on easily. Hence I thought I would try it on the big ring to makes it stand out. It is recommended to use a black glossy base to bring out the shifting paint.
After assembling it, I am slightly surprise that the Stargazer is slightly shorter than a regualr HG Rx-78 Origin.
“Set your phaser to stun!” I know it is an exploration Gundam, but I just thought you also need guns just in case! The metallic steel colour came out a lot darker than I had planned, but that is a good mistake because the dark colour helps bring out the yellow reflective stickers than comes with Stargazer. It makes the Stargazer looks like it is also it is ready for a bicycle ride at night to gaze at the stars.
There are not much of a surface details for this simple kit, which is not a problem because most of the empty spaces are taken up by the reflective yellow stickers. There are 2 sticker colours options Black and Reflective yellow; I would suggest using a light white base finish if you are using the black stickers and if you are using the reflective yellow a dark colour based will suit better.
My metallic dark steel with the reflective yellow scheme makes this Gundam stands out on the shelf and the colour shifting ring changes colour throughout the day and it makes me want to look at it to see what colour has it shifted too. I like what I did, but I don’t like it enough to buy another one.

Bandai 1/144 HG Alus Earthree Gundam

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I wasn’t keen on this kit until Bandai released the “Fake Nu Unit and Wepaons”pack. This additional add-on set makes the Alus looks like a re-imagined verison of the RX-93 Nu Gundam. I don’t own a HG or RG version of a RX-93, hence I thought this and my customised Captain Zeon will be a great modern and unique tribute to the classic mobile suit.
The completed Alus Earthree with the Fake Nu Unit stands almost as tall as the HG Rx-78 Gundam Origin. The Core Gundam is almost up to chest height. I actually bought the Jupitive Gundam to be used with the Fake Nu Unit, but after test fitting, I prefer the curved edges of the Alus, which kind of suited the Fake Nu Unit better.
But there is just one minor thing, the purple chest piece in the middle is a sticker, this piece is curve hence hand painting will be difficult and sticker will be quite nasty if not stick on correctly. So it would be easier if Bandai does mould this as a separate piece.
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Least Favourite Projects for 2020;

Disclaimer: I am not saying I dislike the following projects but just saying there are some bits that I do not like about it in terms of build process and final colour scheme or design which I believe I could have done better.

1. Bandai 1/44 HG HG GAT-04 Windam

I bought the Windam purely because it is a realtively new kit and it uses a new type of joint system which is similar to the 30MM and Leo. But while building it I isn’t really convince with the long antennas (V fin) of the original head sculpt and it makes it look like a “bug” hence I switched to a Gundam looking head that I found in my box of kit bash. While putting things together I am inspired with RGZ-91B Re-GZ Custom and thought I should paint this suit in that colour. I am not unhappy with the design, but somehow the completed colour scheme did not sit well with me; if I am doing it again, I would remove the red accent on the shoulders and used a different shade of blue.

2. Bandai 1/44 HG F91 Gundam

I have high expectations on F91 Gundam, because this is actually the 4th kit I owned. I not sure why but I really like this design, but I can’t seem to complete this kit with a colour scheme I wanted. Anyway I aimed to do a John Harrison version of this HG kit using a different face sculpt. But somehow the paint came out too glossy than what I anticipated, I tried to matte it down a but then it just went fuzzy. Sigh! And to hide my mistake, I tried to do some weathering. To be honest it looks okish in photos but in real life you can actually see painting errors…looks like I need to get another F91 in 2021!

3. Bandai 1/44 RG Zaku 2

I bought the RG Zaku 2 with a high expectation that after all these years of design development Bandai has surpassed itself in plastic technology! That is true however due to the inner frame complexity, some of the joints are weak and the instructions are difficult to understand even for an engineer who read basic japanese. Saying that, I am not disappointed with the final paint job but the build and paint process is tiring especially the power hose bits….I am still having nightmares of spraying tiny plastic bits.

4. Bandai 1/44 HG Wing Gundam Fenice

I think I have made known on several posts that I wasn’t keen onthe Wing Gundam series. However, the green coloured Fenice from the Build Divers anime series has inspired me to start one. I like the bashed and damaged design and the fact that the mobile suit is built up using spares, this is almost the ultimate kit bash! I inspired to do a damaged Wing Gundam with a brown cloak (just like Exia Repair), which I am quite happy with the final result. But I made a mistake by applying too much weathering to try to spearate the white colours, that has made the mobile suit looking strange in real life.

5. Bandai 1/44 HG RX-78GP03S Gundam

There are some kits made by Bandai you have to learn to avoid, like the Tristan and the GP03S! There are lots of warning signs from other reviewers and Youtube channels, but I am interested because the GP01, GP02, GP01FB are relatively good kits despite the age; I thought I should just gamble with the GP03S. I am wrong; the parts separation are terrible, and the bits are fiddly to put together, the huge booster skirt gets in the way of everything, to be fair it would have been more forgiving if it is moulded in different parts for painting. But once finished, it is just okish.

6. Bandai 1/44 HG GBN-Base Gundam

The Build Divers GM was one of my favourite kit, but sadly it did not make it to the top 12 of 2020, hence I thought the GBN-Base Gundam would be a good modern take on the dated Grand-dad design. The body shape has more agressive angles and looks “fit”. I actually like it so much that I bought 2 of this kit, the first version was painted in Thunderbolt dark blue/red and the 2nd was in anime bright blue scheme. The only reason why this is here is because the V fin on the head is slightly too long and this makes the head looks like a bug, especially if you do not clipped away the safety tabs. Also because of the shape of the modern design, the Gundam only looks good at certain angle. I might get another one in 2021 and painted it with more muted Grand-Dad colour.

7. Bandai 1/44 HG MS-14JG Gelgoog Jager

I love a Gelgoog design, and the Jager is no doubt one of the design I have high regards espeically the beam machine gun. But why is it in a my list of least favourite? That is because the joint dessign of this kit is so bad that you can’t really bend and pose apart from doing stationary stance. Bandai in their instruction manual has shown that they are able to pull out some fantastic poses but I am afraid of scratching the paint I did not move it too much. Also the colour scheme jsut did not sit well with me, if I am doing it again I will give it a much stronger colours.

8. Bandai 1/44 HG MS-7B Gouf

I am never interested in the Gouf mainly because I don’t like the huge curved horn design, I just don’t see it been a practical mobie suit design. But that is not the main reason why it is in my list of least favourite. The reason why it is here is because I was disappointed in myself for failing to get the pre-shading for the white to show up properly. I have no choice but to use weathering to break out the total snow white effect. This is the only kit that I might dump into the “Box of Despair”and buy another to do it again. Have I said that I really dislike painting “white”?

9. Bandai 1/44 HG MS-06FZ Zaku 2 FZ

This is actually one of my favourite Zaku 2 FZ variant. This is only here because I am slightly disappointed with my dark colour scheme. I am aimming for a German WW2 shock trooper colours, but my pre-shading for the grey did not show up enough to give it any depth. Hence I actually bought a 2nd kit to and give it a bit of justice.

10. Bandai 1/44 HG RX-93-V2 Hi-Nu Gundam

This RX-93-V2 should be on one of my favourite list but it ended in here because I really dislike the build process of this kit. The weight of the back pack is also makes the mobile suit imbalance and hence I need to use a stand to help it “stand”properly. I also feels the base grey would have been slightly lighter.

11. Bandai 1/44 HG Gundam Astaroth Rinascimento

I love IBO kits, they have this inner frame that makes the mobile suit looks mecahnical. I bought the Astaroth Rinascimento to purposely build a mobile suit that literally assemble from spares parts. I beleive I did achieved the look, but the reason why it is on the list of the least favourite is because I am disappointed with how the colours turned out. I would prefer the grey to have a bit more pre-shading to help with the look.

12. Bandai 1/44 HG Sengoku Astray Gundam

I bought this Sengoku Astray with anticipation that I will make it into a Musha Gundam look alike. I technically did acheived my idea and I liked the coloured scheme, but the reason it is in here because I really dislike the colour I used on the mouth piece; it is too dark to and hence it hides the face. I tried to painted it with red to bring it out, it works a bit but it does not improve the visibility. Sigh!

Favourite 12 Projects for 2020

1. Bandai 1/144 HG Captain Zeon Nu-Zeon Gundam

When I first saw this strong red and metallic gold Captain Zeon Nu-Zeon I wasn’t really keen on getting it, but when I realised it was based on Nu-Gundam I started getting ideas in my head. Mainly because I have not had a RX-93 Nu Gundam, thus I thought I would be able to customised this as an “improved” version of the out-dated kit; especially when Bandai released the Fake Nu Wepaons and I have a spare booster shield from my Hazel. I painted the mobile suit in Gundam colours and I am very pleased with my “creation”.

2. Bandai 1/144 HG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Destory Mode)

I did not buy this Unicorn Destory Mode kit thinking I am able to customise it or made it any better. I just saw this in the shop by chance and thought why not since “every” Gunpla builder had one and it is almost like a rite of passage for a Gunpla builder to have at least one Unicorn. I did not really enjoy the build because there are many small parts hence a lot of painting. But once I have finished painting and assembled it together I am surprising pleased with my ideas of using metallic blue and using a double shield set up pinched from my Unicorn Normal.

3. Bandai 1/144 HG MS-06R-1A Zaku 2 High Mobility Type

I was inspired with Christmas and was keen on doing a Thunderbolt Psycho Zaku 2 to pay tribute to the anime for it ‘December Sky’ episode. But after reading some reviews and the Youtude channels on the build process, I wasn’t too keen on paying a hefty price for a rare Zaku 2 with lots of bazookas and huge booster pack. Thus I decided to buy a Zaku 2 High Mobility kit which is much cheaper and comes with lots of spare weapons. I repainted using Thunderbolt Psycho colours and kit based with missiles pod from an old Heavyarms, and a Bazooka from Sinanju Stein (Narrative version). I am actually quite please with how it turns out; the bright red and strong orange accent – just like a psycho Santa!

4. Bandai 1/144 HG MS-05 Zaku 1

I can’t have a Psycho Zaku 2 without the Zaku 1! Which similarly I wasn’t too keen on paying a hefty price for a rare Thunderbolt Orange Zaku 1. Thus I decided to to re-purpose an old Zaku 1 kit from eBay and uses the weapons left over from the Zaku 2 High Mobility kit. I repainted using Thunderbolt Zaku 1 Orange/Yellow colours and kit based with missiles pods from an old Zaku 2 F2. I am actually quite pleased with the completed kit! Now my Psycho Santa has an “Elf”to help carries Santa’s weapons!

5. Bandai 1/144 HG RX-78-2 Gundam (Origin Ver.)

I was slightly surprised that I placed this RX-78 Gundam Origin as 5th on the list; especially this is the one kit I will use to showcase what I can do. But because I like to customise my kits and make them look different and unique to the box art. The other top 4 kits are really “WOW” me when I finished them (also because I had a bad feeling throughout the built process on the other 4 that I might regret my design decisions). This Origin kit is just “perfect” in many ways, it is a solid build and I have confidence that it will ended up a good looking kit. The only big difference is that I used a GM3’s backpack that is kit bashed from my GM3 Beam Master. This backpack is similar to Gundam Mk2, hence I was thinking it could be a prototype for the Mk2. I was inspired by RX-78-3 roll out colours as well. The colour and backpack design helps it to stand out better than all my other Grand-Dads on the shelf!

6. Bandai 1/144 HG GM3 Beam Master

The Build Fighter kit like the GM3 Beam Master comes with lots of spare parts to make either the GM3 or the new Beam Master. I appreciate that many people dislike the cheesy orange colour of the Beam Master but this kit I believe is the ultimate kit bash machine where it comes with lots of spare weapons, shields, backpacks etc which is used on many of my “creations”. I actually bought 2 so that I can build a Thunderbolt inspired GM with lots of shield and double beam cannon and I also made a RGM-109 Heavy Arms lookalike!

7. Bandai SD/CS Gundam Ground Type

I will understand if you are quite confuse when you are expecting to see a SD CS Gundam Ground Type but end up looking at a Blue Destiny inspired Mobile Suit. I was never keen on SD type kit, especially with the googly eyes, but the SD/CS made me changed my mind about this series. I already have 2 HG Ground Type Gundam kits, thus I wasn’t keen on making another version on it in SD/CS. But since the SD/CS booster kit comes with a GM head, I thought I could actually make a “Blue Destiny” inspired mobile suit. The most stressful process of this kit bash is painting the large visor red; I am glad it came out ok! Phew! What a cutie!

8. Bandai 1/144 HG XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock

I wasn’t keen on the Wing Gundam series because when it was aired, especially I was already in my late teens and hence wasn’t interested in “kiddy” cartoons. Due to lockdown, I am starting to get myself back into Gunpla, and Bandai has a plan of re-releasing the the Wing Gundam kits in late 2020 and into 2021; which I was inspired to start a series on “band of brothers”. This new version of Sandrock has great parts separation for painting compared to the older version. I had a blast building this kit and kit bashed the wings of Jiyan Altron to make fangs for the Cobra shield and as a red cape for my “Centurion”!

9. Bandai 1/144 HG Gundam Jiyan Altron

This is my Jiyan Altron, it is a Build Fighter version but I preferred this over the older version of Bandai HG kit. This modern kit has more parts separation, surface details and better joint movement. I have modified the Dragons arms to come out of the backpack instead of the shoulders.

10. Bandai 1/144 HG UGY-R41 (Land) Man Rodi

Man Rodi is a simiple HG kit, and there is not much to it. But it is one of my favourite build this year because the colour scheme and legs used for land makes this kit very unique. It is not an easy kit to get hold of and I have to wait for a long time before seeing both the legs and Man Rodi kit on sale on eBay. I also added a large shield to the kit to give it a “Security Guard” look.

11. Bandai 1/144 HG Lightning Z Gundam