Bandai 1/144 HG MS-14F ‘Gelgoog Marine’ (Red Comet Custom)

The Bandai 1/144 HG MS-14F ‘Gelgoog Marine’ is released in 2000, I am lucky enough to find a ‘reprint’ with a blue Bandai badge at Galactictoys on ebay. This kit is not easy to find but this is one of the better Gelgoog variants ever release in HG scale.

I always wanted to do Char’s Red Comet Gelgoog, but the original design is although similar in shape but is lacking in details. This variant is from the Stardust Memories series and has some good details and some adequate articulations. The kit is somewhat sparse as it only comes with a small Zaku machine gun, 2 light effect beam sword and a modified Zaku shield with spikes. I have to make my own beam rifle that look like what Char had used when he had the Gelgoog, also I have to superglue the hilt of the beam swords together to make it look like the twin beam sword.

I appreciate that the eagle eyed people will notice that my Gelgoog do not have an commander fin which Char’s Gelgoog has. To be honest, this kit do not come with an option for a commander head unit, and I am kind of glad that it didn’t because I already have a few HG Gelgoog and they all have a commander fin, so I really do not need another “Commander” unit. I am always hoping to build a original Gelgoog with it menacing huge shoulders and clean smooth racoon lokking head.

One of the reason why I had not built a Red Comet version of the Gelgoog is because it is quite difficult to get the Salmon pink colour and dark red torso colour correct. I have been experimenting with colour mixing and it is only unitl now I have some confidence of getting the colour almost correct. This kit also has some nasty seam lines running down the middle of most parts such as arms, legs, tights, I have to ‘cement’ them together and sand off the seam lines using my sanding sponges from DSPIAE. The sanding sponges are great for this kit because Gelgoog has rounded surfaces. I bought mine from

I am hoping one day I will be able to build Red Comet Zaku 2 to accompany my Char’s Zaku 1 and Gelgoog. Saying that I already owned lots of Zaku 2, thus I am actually trying to get a Zaku 2 F2 instead and repainted it in Char’s red. The F2 has a different shaped chest which is unique from the normal Zaku 2 design, hence I am hoping it will make my Red Comet Zaku 2 special!

This kit also do not come with any decals which is not a surprise, so I used some of the decals that from my RG Zaku 2 to help bring out some of the edges of my Gelgoog.

The MS-14F Gelgoog is baiscally similar to the MS-14Fs Cima Custom Gelgoog. If you have a choice to buy either one of them, I would say go for the Cima’s variant because you will get more plastic for your money. Cima comes with a shield, beam machine gun, more details, and more fuel tanks etc. You can see that the Cima version has a different chest design which is a lot more edgy compared to the normal design.
Another interesting variant is the Bandai 1/44 HG MS-14JG Gelgoog Jager (on the left of the photo). ZakuAurelius from Youtube has recently uploaded a video on this variant. please take a look at his videos; I really enjoy his insight into the kits and I tend to watch his videos before buying a kit. One of the main reason I bought the Jager is becaue it looks different from normal Gelgoog design and I was tempted by the big beam machine gun; basically it shares similar parts of the Marine but if you have a chance the Cima’s variant is still the best out of these 3. Looking at the photo, I am quite surprise that my Red Comet custom actually looks a lot more commander vide even though they are all the ‘same’.
Details on the Jager is slightly lacking but it is better than my MS-14F (Red Comet), Cima has the best details. I also did not use the fuel tanks that comes with the Gelgoog Marine and kit bashed with thrusters bells instead . I am aiming for a quick reactive variant just like and a cleaner profile.
And fianlly my side to side comparison to Char’s rival RX-78-2 Origin. The Gelgoog looks so much more beefier than the RX-78 and that is one of the reason why I prefer the Gelgoog over the Gundams when I am still a lad. If you do like my work please support this site by visiting my previous projects or leave a “Like” on my Youtube video and this blog.

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