Bandai 1/144 HG RGM-79G GM Command

Bandai 1/144 HG RGM-79G ‘GM Command’ kit is released in 2004. This is a relatively old kit with limited joints movement, badly placed seam lines and use of polycaps as hinges. This kit although is old but the design and sculpt gives it a handsome mecha vide, to be honest this is one of the besy looking GM in HG lineup. Bandai has also released several different variant of this design such as the Space and Cold District. They are all very similar and the differences are the colours, weapons and backpacks.
I bought my kit from Galactictoys when they are still selling kits for less than USD 10! This has been in my backlog for a while, and I have saving this for a rainy day especially I already have the Space variant and I don’t really need another GM Command.

But after seeing Bandai releasing a PBandai version of the Pale Rider, I thought I should be be able to kit bash a Pale Rider out of my spares using the GM as the base unit. I ended up with an old Tristan’s legs and arms armour, Ez8’s shield, Old Ground GM’s side skirts, and Ground Gundam’s weapons. One of the main reason why I like this GM kit is because this is the one of few design where the mobile suit has 4 chest vents and the vents are part separated from the chest unit which means easy painting. This really helps especially the Pale Rider has a distinctive 4 white chest vents. Also not forgetting the head antenna and lots of super-glue!

The part separated chest vents is found on the GM variants and also on the more modern GM Sniper. I am not sure why Bandai did not extend this design to the Alex and Tristan as well.
As said, the GM ‘Comand Sapce’ and the ‘GM Command’ are basically the same kit but with different weapons and backpack and colours. I have recently modified my ‘Command Space’ with left over weapons from my ‘Beam Master‘. This makes my ‘Command Space’ also look like a ‘Stark Jegan’ look-alike. Saying that, the ‘Commad Space’ does looks tired and old and has a terrible paint job, but he is my first Gunpla after a 20 years hiatus; he is the true Grand-father of this blog.
I am actually very happy how this kit bash turns out. The the design makes my Custom ‘Pale Rider’ looks more like an Ace unit and almost look par next of the RX-78 Gundam.

Some of you eagle-eyed people may wonder why I used the decals from ‘Alex’ since it is not cannon and not even the same mobile suit. Basically I don’t have much of a backstory and since I have a bunch of decals left over from other kit bash, I just thought I might as well use some to make my ‘Pale Rider’ look more ‘legit’ and the ‘Alex’ font looks very attractive over the white shield. Come to think of it, the ‘Pale Rider’ comes equiped with a HADES system which is a improved version of the EXAM system thus my custom “ALEX” can be an “Autonomous Logic EXam” System! There you go, I have a backstory!

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