Bandai 1/144 HG RX-121-2 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel 2]

Bandai 1/144 HG RX-121-2 Gudam TR-1 [Hazel 2] is released in 2006. It is a realtively old kit, but the sculpt is relatively mecha handsome and looks good in different angles. Since it is an old design the joints are basically plastic against polycaps; so don’t expect this kit to hold a pose for long if the joints are weighted down. I bought this kit from Galactictoys Ebay; bascially it is the same but I find that this is easier to manage as it sort out the custom and delivery as one purchase.

I always wanted a Titans’ colour mobile suit, but I struggle to get the colour correct because it is either a Titan’s blue in some box art or purplish in the anime. Thus I can never decide on what to do, also I already have a Gundam Mk2 in white hence I don’t really want another Mk2 just for a colour change. The Hazel 2 gave me a good compromise as it came with a RX-78 type head with different head camera options. Hence this Hazel is a Gundam Mk2 wannabe but with some modifications.

I am also inspired after watching Build Fighters anime where they used a modified Gundam Mk2 with a G-Defensor booster! It was quite difficult to get my hands on the Build Fighter Mk2 and I am not really keen on the head and chest design hence I thought this Hazel 2 will look great when customised with a Booster backpack instead. I also kit-bash my Hazel with GM3 backpack, head vulcan and beam machine gun from Jegan, Side skirt armour from GM Command. In order to get the booster to retro-fit securely to the GM3 backpack, I have to drill a 2mm hole to accept the peg from the booster; I could used super glue as well but I thought a hole and peg will give me more options in the future.

I love how it comes together despite the terrible seam lines. I tried to remove the seam lines with the least effort possible such as the tights and legs. It is basically glueing it together and wait for it to dry and sand it off using my new sponge sanding sticks by DEPIAE. I bought my from
My inspiration is to create a unique Gundam Mk2 look-alike and I think I did a pretty good job! The shoulder armour chest vents, add-on head vulcan, ad GM3 backpack does helps.
In reality, the Hazel is actually a Quel with a different head. I painted my Quel in GM Custom colours because I prefer the Quel simplistic design over than the GM Custom with it extra wider shoulders. The Quel have huge calf muscles and legs, it is good to know that the Titans do not skip legs days at the gym. As said although the Hazel is based on the Quel, the upper chest and back connector for the backpacks are different on the hazel but otherwise they are completely the same (apart from the head design).

I was quite please it is all assembled together. I had reservations on the Hazel 2 huge backpack and that is one of the reason why it had not bought this kit, but with the booster pack it looks like a total different machine. Also the dark purplish tint, this gundam stands out on the shelf with my other design and now I know why Titans called it the “Dark” Gundam.

This is a side-by-side comparision to my older Hazel which I have kit-bashed it with a Tristan backpack for the same reason I did not like the backpack the Hazel came with. I painted the Hazel in Gundam Thunderbolt colour since I was inspired that the Hazel is my working front line machine. Both kits are similar is some ways and shared similar parts but the Hazel Custom has different legs design which makes this another unique Gundam kit on my shelf.
This is my Hazel standing side-by-side with my RX-78 Origin for size comparision. Interestingly the Hazel looks a lot more beefy and “muscular” compared to the slim RX-78. Look at the calves muscles on the Hazel!
That said, I like this kit a lot and enjoyed looking at it but because I was too excited with the kit potential I rushed quite a bit in the painting process and kind of overshaded some parts and when masking I did not pay too much attention on how well the masking tape sticks down. I ended up with several paint bleeds and because the violet blue was a custom colour I wasn’t able to replicate the same tint hence it looks messed up at places.
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