Bandai SDCS Wing Gundam Zero EW

I was never a fan of the Bandai SD range, I admit that they are “cute” and good for display but I wasn’t keen on the plastic feel and huge voids. However when Bandai started releasing their SDCS range which allows SD to have slightly better proportions I thought I gave it a try.
I actually eneded with a collection of SD CS kits. I have the Gundam Ground Type modified to look like a Blue Destiny, a Rx-78-2 repainted to look like Rx-78-1, I also have a Barbatos Lupus Rex painted in gold (not shown in this photo shoot)!
I know it is not a true comparision to my HG Wing Gundam but I think my SDCS Wing Zero EW is too “cute” and I have no need to get a HG version (maybe a RG version). Also to add, the SDCS kits are although deformed to look small but they are not actually physcially small in size when compared to a HG 1/144 scale kit.

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