Bandai 1/144 HG GSX-401FW Stargazer Gundam

The Stargazer Gundam, I bought it from Armourofgod in UK maninly because it has a different head design compared to other Gundams and it is a realtively cheap kit which includes a plastic stand and some green decorative rings. I have not watched the Gundam Seed anime series and hence I have no idea what is the history behind the big ring and the mobile suit background story.
But from a quick wiki serach and googling, I found out it is more of a exploration mobile suit instead of combat use. Which is like a Star Trek “Boldly goes where no Mobile suits has gone before” type story. Hence, I was quite keen on painting this in metallic steel or grey to pay tribute to Star Trek Starship type colours.
I always wanted to try Vallejo Clour Shift paints which can be air brushed on easily. Hence I thought I would try it on the big ring to makes it stand out. It is recommended to use a black glossy base to bring out the shifting paint.
After assembling it, I am slightly surprise that the Stargazer is slightly shorter than a regualr HG Rx-78 Origin.
“Set your phaser to stun!” I know it is an exploration Gundam, but I just thought you also need guns just in case! The metallic steel colour came out a lot darker than I had planned, but that is a good mistake because the dark colour helps bring out the yellow reflective stickers than comes with Stargazer. It makes the Stargazer looks like it is also it is ready for a bicycle ride at night to gaze at the stars.
There are not much of a surface details for this simple kit, which is not a problem because most of the empty spaces are taken up by the reflective yellow stickers. There are 2 sticker colours options Black and Reflective yellow; I would suggest using a light white base finish if you are using the black stickers and if you are using the reflective yellow a dark colour based will suit better.
My metallic dark steel with the reflective yellow scheme makes this Gundam stands out on the shelf and the colour shifting ring changes colour throughout the day and it makes me want to look at it to see what colour has it shifted too. I like what I did, but I don’t like it enough to buy another one.

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